Preformed Line Products (Australia) has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing fittings for the distribution, transmission, communications and substation markets.

Through diverse manufacturing capabilities and wise strategic alliances, PLP is able to offer industry total package supply to Australian power utilities. Learn more.



PLP serve all segments of the communications industry including telecommunications network operators, cable television and broadband service providers, corporations and enterprise networks, government departments and agencies and educational institutions.  PLP offers innovative product solutions like the COYOTE® family of fiber optic splice closures, organisers and trays, and the ARMADILLO® family of copper splice closures and accessories..  Learn more.


Sytem Enclosures

Rack Technologies is a proud Australian manufacturer of 600 and 800 wide rack system enclosures and accessories for the communications, electronic, data centre and security industries.

The company has both design and manufacturing capabilities; aimed at the production of special cabinets to suit particular projects and to satisfy the unique requirements of end users. Learn more.